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Professional Window Cleaning Services on the Big Island of Hawaii

Residential Window Cleaning

Kohala Coast Window Cleaning residential window cleaning for North Kohala and Kailua-Kona is superior.

Kohala Coast Window Cleaning has been serving clients from North Kohala to Kailua-Kona. We bring our expertise to residential properties throughout the area.

A team of well trained, conscientious, and safety-minded professionals has helped us build our solid reputation. We approach every residential property with the aim to leave behind clean windows and lots of smiles. Our company goal is that every customer has a pleasant experience, from the time you schedule your appointment until the last window is cleaned.

Washing Windows from North Kohala to Kailua-Kona. Window cleaning can be a dangerous and time consuming chore for home owners. Without the proper equipment streaks and smears are hard to avoid. Contact us today to see what we can do for you! We have the patience and the know how to get your job done right and leave your windows sparkling inside and out. When you contact us for window cleaning in Hawaii, you will get the best window cleaning on the Big Island of Hawaii. We clean the glass, frames, tracks, screens, and the entire window sill. Basically everything around the window gets cleaned. We take the time to remove and hand clean your screens with soap and water, then securely replace them back in the window frame. Close attention to detail is what sets Kohala Window Cleaning apart from other window cleaners in Hawaii. Your picture windows will be spotless, sliders will let the light in and your beautiful island views will be unobstructed. Contact us now for an on site estimate.

Kohala Coast Window Cleaning guarantees our work to your satisfaction. Period.

Window cleaning is important for a variety of reasons. It enhances the value and curb appeal of your home. It lets in more natural light which is a greener alternative to light bulbs and extends the long term value of the window unit. Clean windows are both an aesthetic choice and necessary maintenance function for the appearance and purpose of your home.

Hiring a professional to clean your home’s windows guarantees you top quality results and takes the responsibility off of you as a homeowner. Cleaning windows is a potentially dangerous task, particularly when working at any height. Our professional window cleaning service from North Kohala to Kailua-Kona has the equipment, experience, and trained team of professionals to get the job done safely.

The owner of Kohala Coast Window Cleaning, Paul West, has served clients from North Kohala to Kailua-Kona since [insert year]. His experience assures the highest quality service and the results will exceed your expectations. Your residential home is a large investment, so invest in its care and maintenance by allowing Kohala Coast Window Cleaning to provide service to your Kohala area property.

  • Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Vintage Storm Window Cleaning
  • Metal & Nylon Screen Cleaning
  • Sill, Track & Frame Cleaning
  • Skylight & Mirror Cleaning
  • Glass Surface Stain Removal
  • Oxidation Removal
  • Screen Repair